BMK naming convention

What is the naming convention of the BMK files?  Which BMK file goes with which ISO? 


Call me a Noob, but what the heck is a BMK file ?

And what or how is it used in relation to an ISO file ? … i know what that is :stuck_out_tongue:

BMK files are resume point files for ISOs.

oh, i see… “BMK”  is probably an abbreviation of the word  “Bookmark”

so…  it’s a playback database file.   (so dont delete them, unless you want to play your ISO from the Beginning)

… and as to the original question, I have no idea what the naming scheme is… Probably a hash based on the file name of the ISO or other data.

But it’s consistent, because I can STOP an ISO in one room, and RESUME it in another.  :)  Kinda wish the other files did that, too.


Thats one of the reasons I’m asking.   Thanks though…