Blurred images

[object Object]We are now at the end of 2015. I have searched many forums, avenues of learning and even attempted to get help from the Tech God Sony inc.
Guess what I still have no solution to the blurred images problem of photographs in jpeg format with resolution greater than 4050.
My system was a bought of the shelf WD My Cloud, a Sony BDP s4100 DLNA device and a Sony Bravia TV. Is there anyone out there who understands the problem, I surely can’t be alone with this issue. Yet her I am 15 months after buying this kit and I can’t get a good picture reproduced on my TV. For clarity if I put a USB device into the player with the same photograph it comes up good, the problem must therefore be between the DNLA device and the server.
The whole system is edging very close to the waste bin, any help from an individual or the so called corporate giants who sell us this stuff might be useful.
Malcolm Hill

Just so you know, I have no problems with blurred images from jpg files stored on my WD and other brand devices and shown on my TV, Perhaps your issues are NOT with your WD device and rests with your other equipment.

Thank you for taking the time to reply Mike. Could you tell me the jpeg size of your images?
I have photographs stored on My Cloud up toa resolution of 4050 and they reproduce as they should over the Ethernet cable input and those above 4050 will reproduce with full clarity when entered into the system using the USB iterface. This to me suggest the connections to the TV are good. Therefore the problem seems to lie either with the the processing within the Blue Ray device or the the outputing of the signal from the WD device.
Looking on the internet and indeed this forum the problem has been encountered by others but no one came up with a solution.

Could you try posting an example image? This would help anyone who wants to reproduce the issue ensure that the file they are testing with is the same as the one giving you issues.

I can almost guarantee the issue isn’t with the drive (at the least, I can say that I’ve never heard of a bad drive causing a symptom even remotely similar to this) although it could theoretically be a contributing factor if there is an issue with the hardware rendering the photo (the TV in this case).

There are two other places you should also look at: The ethernet cable between the drive and the router, as well as the ethernet between the TV and the router (if you are connected with wifi this could theoretically be caused by interference as well) - a bad cable can lead to any number of unexplained symptoms.

Most of the photos I look at today come from recent model iPhones and iPads. I have looked at my photos innards with MediaInfo and don’t see a spec called "resolution: although there are quite a few other specs. MediaoInfo is a popular and commonly used FREE program for peering into media files. If you don’t have it, suggest you locate and download yourself a copy to install and use.

I realize you are experiencing frustrations with this issue. Here are some ideas to try and check out.

Use wired connections for all devices since wireless could be a problem.
Swap Ethernet cables from My Cloud to see if cable could be an issue.
If you can plug USB drive (which seems to cause photos to display properly) into My Cloud and switch between viewing on My Cloud and USB drive see if there is any difference i.e. USB pics are degraded this way.

Can you show pics on your TV directly from your computer or from My Cloud and bypass the blu-ray player for a test?

I have a hunch issue is related to BD player and things are getting tripped up somewhere between the My Cloud and TV…A My Cloud is just a fancy hard drive that stores files, and with Twonky Server inside can cause files to play on a DLNA device…

Can you view photos not via DLNA, but rather as a network share from My Cloud?

Can you view photos from My Cloud other than on TV; it would help if you can.

Hope these ideas help. Good luck.d to the BD player.

For clarity if I put a USB device into the player with the same photograph it comes up good, the problem must therefore be between the DNLA device and the server.

I would suggest it is down to the use of different media viewing tools on the Blu-Ray player.

The USB stick will use a USB media browser.
Accessing MyCloud will use a DLNA media browser.

You might think these would be the same, and equally capable. But they are frequently not, and often do not support the same media file types. It would be a good idea to check the user manual of your BRP, to see what media formats and resolutions it supports in the different media browsers.

If your images are blurry (I assume you mean low resolution), then it is probably because something is having to do a resolution conversion to display the image. This may be because the BRP is not telling the DLNA media server that it can handle images that size, so the DLNA media server may be transcoding them to a lower resolution image, to meet the ‘profile’ that the BRP is reporting to the server (e.g. “I can only display images up to 1024 pixels wide”).

Resolution conversion, done badly, or done to a resolution much lower than the display resolution, can result in ‘blurry’ or ‘blocky’ images.

Sony Support is sub-contracted, and, in my experience, not very capable; they didn’t even recognise the type designation of my TV, and couldn’t give a rational explanation of what the ethernet port on my TV was for; it can connect to my router, but cannot access my network or the internet. I wasn’t impressed.

Hello, particularly to those of you who have come up with some very good ideas on resolving my blurred images (low resolution) problem.
This is just a brief update to show my appreciation and that I am working on a number of the proposals put forward. Time constraints around Christmas time are quite daunting! An issue which keeps niggling at me is why are there so few people to have reported this problem, logically I have to assume I am doing something wrong. I have acquired a different model Sony BDP, current spec, but still no change, I am trying to borrow a BDP of a different manufacture in case it is a Sony general problem and will let you know if that works. My present thinking is to use the WD as a proxy server, just as a check, wondering if my existing router has limitations.

It will be nothing to do with the router; that’s just shunting data about, and will not modify the data.

The problem will be in the DLNA image renderer in the Blu-Ray player, or resolution conversion by the DLNA server on the MyCloud. For the latter, use the user interface of the Twonky DLNA media server (port 9000 of your MyCloud’s IP address in a web browser), and check the ‘media receivers’ type on the Sharing control page. Make sure it’s set to a Sony Blu-Ray player.

Never been inside this Twonky stuff before, interesting. Trying to assimilate your q&a pages now.
However did check the “media receiver” type to see that it is correct. What I do now I have no idea.
I have done most of the things which other contributors have suggested but am still down on the resolution problem.
Thank you