Bluray rip stutters, ripped with MakeMKV

Hello all,

I just ripped the Shrek 3 bluray and when I placed the MKV file into WD TV Live with my external WD hard drive, the video stuttered badly right from the beginning.

I turned off the WD TV Live and went on to try to remux to other containers, but curiosity took me over and tried the same original MKV file again and this time it played well. Only a small frame stutter every second when the whole screen pans.

Anyone have any idea why this major stuttering problem occured but not magically disappeared?

Ocassionally, when I turn on my Live Plus, the first movie that I try to play (VOB files) stutters badly. I turn the WD box off and on again and then everything works correctly. I am not sure why this occurs, but I think it might have something to do with how my wireless adapter is connecting. I know that does not help you too much, but I thought I would mention it.

Blu-rays could be encoded with MPEG-TS, H.264/AVC and VC-1. I noticed that some VC-1 blu-rays are not play well by Live Plus.  I managed to fixed the stutter by converting VC-1 to H.264.  You might try this before WD fix the stutterring issue.