BluRay playing

I have just changed my HP computer for another HP one which has BluRay/DVD player.

I can get the DVDs to play to my Bravia TV through the TVLive but not the BluRay discs.

Can anyone put me right on this one please? Is it even possible?

The WDTV isn’t licenced to decrypt.  That’s why you have to do that part yourself.

If you put a commercial DVD in your PC’s drive and share it, the WDTV can’t/won’t decrypt it.

I can only presume the DVDs that you are getting to play are ones you’ve burned yourself, that have no encryption, or you’re running an application to do on-the-fly decryption on them.

But no, there is no way to get the WDTV to decrypt an encrypted stream, regardless of source.

That’s not quite the case: any commercial DVD that I place into my DVD drive on my HP computer *does* come up on the Bravia via the TVLive. BluRay discs appear but won’t play.

Tey the TVLive user guide, such as it is, includes M2TS files as being compatible, and looking at the BluRay structure it seems to me that those are the files that contain the data. I don’t know much about it though.

I thought that “streaming” meant the computer does the work and that the TVLive only accepted the video and passed it on to the TV. The information in the guide is pretty uninformative.

The WDTV devices do not decrypt the stream.

The only streams that can be played, regardless of what medium they are on, or how they get to the WDTV, are decrypted streams.

The WD TV Live cannot decrypt commercial DVD or BlueRay discs.

Then you must be running some software on your computer that will decrypt the DVD (e.g. AnyDVD, etc.)

Yes it does play M2TS files, but NOT if they are encrypted as they are on a BlueRay disk.

I see.

So there’s no way of watching a BluRay disc that I put into the computer’s drive, via the TVLive and so to the Bravia? Or is there some program that will do this?

Sorry about all the questions, but none of the user guides come up with anything about this.

I’m new on here but I think I spotted something about encryption on blue ray discs in the manual. Anyway it looks like the only way is to purchase a separate dvd/blue ray player to link directly into your tv. There doesn’t seem to be a way round it. 

Most people are ripping the disks, not trying to play a physical disk…

Any ideas on ripping BluRay then?


Thank you - I have tried it and it certainly works well!