Bluray, Miracast and networking


I want to buy the new gen (I have gen2 now) device but I have three questions and I need some help clearing some stuff:

  1. How are things with Bluray movies? Can it play ISO? Full? What is the type of format that it supports?

  2. Is the miracast working well? Is there a big lag? I want to use it for mirroring my Windows8 tab.

  3. As I mentioned already, I now have a gen2 which I am thinking to move to the bedroom. If I have the HD on the new WD will I be able to “see” it from the old one? I know and I have tried sharing stuff in different ways between a computer and WD but never before between two WD. That’s why I am asking…

Thank you…

  1. Yeah it’l play Bluray ISO’s (Local or Network Shares)  … i would’nt even attempt Media Shares via DLNA

Oh, and  Bluray Menus ?  Definately  “No” … not supported

  1. Miracast working fine on my Android Device(s)  :smiley:

Yes there is “Lag” but fine for presentations and viewing photos and SD (or low bitrate) Video.

Gaming and 1080p video … not ideal, far too laggy

Windows 8 ?  “Not so well” i guess :neutral_face:

  1. Haven’t tried it yet (i have only recently acquired the device) but i’m sure i’ll test that soon

Miracast works great… seems to connect best after you press the HOME button on the remote.

Range isn’t that great. (WiDi ain’t WiFi!)