Bluray Menu Bug -- Non BD-J Menus Only

  • I’m going to just start upfront by saying - YES, I know WDTV does not play display BD-J menus.
    Ok moving on… my WDTV does play “non BD-J” Bluray menus (menus from any disc authored in HDMV mode) and I have confirmed this.

My WDTV box seems to look for the existence of either the BDJO folder or JAR folder in the BDMV structure, and then reverts to title only mode, as it assumes a BD-J menu, which it can’t handle.
The problem is that this is a false assumption. Discs with BDMV menus often (and usually seem to) have the existence of these folders, even though they are empty.

I have tested this on my WDTV box with a user generated BDMV folder that contained empty BDJO, JAR folders:

  • With either or both of these folders existing (but empty), no menu is displayed
  • With both folders deleted, the menu is displayed correctly.

Suggested fix
I’m proposing that the WDTV should look to see if the BDJO and JAR folders are empty, rather than just their existence, as we are getting a false positive looking for BD-J menus. Players and ISO creation software (e.g. expect these folders to exist, but that doesn’t mean the title necessarily has BD-J menus.

Sample structure
Here’s a random title I pulled from the shelf (with BDMV menus) showing the empty folders:

./BDJO: [Empty]
./CLIPINF:     00002.clpi	00003.clpi [Truncated]
./JAR: [Empty]
./PLAYLIST:     00001.mpls	00002.mpls	00005.mpls [Truncated]
./STREAM:     00002.m2ts	00003.m2ts	00004.m2ts  [Truncated]

(I’ve excluded the ./BACKUP folder.)

Device details:
WD TV Live Streaming Media Player (Gen 3)
Firmware Release 2.02.32 (8/11/2014)

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