Bluray ISO Playback Question

Hello All. Had an early WDHD TV but decided to get a new WDTV Live.  I have gotten it to work on my network from a WD MYBOOK LIVE 2TB.  Testing file playback and MKV’s seem to play back just fine.  Trouble comes with Bluray ISO’s.  I created 2 ISO files from two blurays with DVDFab and one works with menus the other does not.  Both play once the move starts.  Any one know if there are some quirks to setting up the DVDFab to create the right ISO formats to keep menues working.



A bit odd you say one worked and other one did’nt ?

From what i’ve searched on this forum, the Live Hub (and all other WD Media Players)

Bluray  “Menus” are not supported  (Menus require Java, and the Hub doesn’t do that)

(DVD Menu’s however, are supported)

videoed wrote:

… and one works with menus the other does not.  

I don’t think so.   Bluray menus never have been (and never will be) supported.

And this is the WDTV Live Hub forum. The WDTV Live is a different device and has its own forum.