Bluray ISO issue

I’m able to play bluray ISO’s on my Madia Player with the latest firmware quite well from an 1 Tb USB drive, but only for 2 hours, maybe a little less, after that, the player starts buffering more and more till is unwatchable ! Can someone confirm this issue ? I tried with many BRay movies and all have the same problem, works for 1:40 or 2 hours, than starts buffering (by buffering I mean the rounded arrow on the middle of the screen).

Just as a comment, all my blurays are 3D movies, don’t have any 2D only… but they work fine till it reaches the end of the movie, could be a problem with the movie size because they are 3D ? Although 2D and 3D files are separeted, so don’t think so…

Any help will be great, cause it’s driving me crazy.


Could be a variation of bug #4, which means there’s no solution yet.

You are right, seems quite similar to my problem, although in my case it takes much more than 30 minutes, almost 1:30 at least to start showing the problem, but if it’s heat, could be reasonable, cause mine is right under an AC, so it’s mostly cool all the time. Hope they find a solution, it’s really a huge problem to me.

Thanks for your reply.

So, does it happen when you temporarily move the player elsewhere or put it upside down or add a fan in front of it?

It happens even when it’s close to the AC, so if it’s heat is’t not that easy to solve. Didn’t try upside down… I could.