Bluray /DVD ISO playing !?

Hi Fellas!:smiley:

I’ve Big ISO Bluray Archive , and don’t have any player that can play Iso with menu …


This is my question :

Is this Hub media player Or Live (Last Model !) able to Play Dvd Or Bluray Iso ?

With menu !?

Without menu!?

P.s:I’ve Wd media player(The first Model that Wd released) and i have a problem , that device can’t play all of iso File , also can’t show menu!

i wanna know that if iso file play , use Powerline AV Network with My Book World Edition II and

WD Livewire.


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Hello Pooyan

quick reply for the live hub :

DVD ISO : With menu

Blueray ISO : Without menu

And Quick thanks to u…!:wink:

And anyone knows about “Live”!?

For Wd TV LIVE :

DVD ISO : can read but no menu available

BLUE RAY ISO : can’t read

Not correct.

The Live  supports DVD menu just fine.

Thanks Every One…