Bluray /DVD ISO playing on the Live Hub

Hi everyone,

Does the Live Hub supports chapter skips on the ISO files?
Does it supports the ISO files made with DVDFab software?

I started to make ISO files of my collection of DVDs and Blu-Rays in movie-only mode, one language (french in my case) and forced subtitles activated using DVDFab only software. Everything works perfectly on my computer. Am I correct to be able to play my movies on that device using Gigabit CAT6 wiring (no wi-fi needed)?

Is there a way to have my ISO files classified by category and add a picture thubnail for each one to start the movie by selecting it. How do I do that please.

Thanks all for you help.


Yes, you can do Chapter skips on DVD media (ISO or VIDEO_TS structure).

Yes, it supports ISO files.

Yes, you ought to be able to play your files on the Hub.

Yes, you can classify them any way you like (by folder) and add thumbnails.

As for HOW, it’s all described in the manual.

Do you mean the manual that comes with the hub?

And finally, are the Blu-Rays ISOs supported too ?

Yep, and yep. Now, Bluray navigation and menus are NOT supported, but if it’s a reasonably authored BD, an ISO of it will work fine.

Thanks Tony that was fast…,

another thing… with the hub I want to add a NAS… probably the WD My Book Live 3TB (or a USB one), but I want to be able to play my ISO from another TV. What do you think of this one? Maybe you can suggest something else. Will I be able to play my DVD and BR ISO files from it too? Also, from my other TV, will I be able to see the content of the 1To HD of the hub too. I have a gigabit CAT6 cabled network.

One last thing, when playing DVD ISO files, does the hub can upscale them to near HD quality like most of the new Blu-ray Disc players?

If you want to play your ISOs on ANOTHER TV, you’ll need another media player.    I haven’t seen *ANY* televisions that can play DVD ISOs.

If you have another media player, they can all share content from the same NAS.

The Hub does a pretty good job of upscaling to higher resolutions, but I wouldn’t call it HD Quality.

TonyPh12345 wrote:
…a reasonably authored BD, an ISO of it will work fine.

Define “reasonably authored.”

Containing one complete stream instead of a scattered playlist of bits and pieces.