Bluray Covers

I’ve seen a lot of people have DVD and MKV covers over their boxart. Can someone tell me how to get the bluray covers on my movies ?

they are built into the theme or moviesheet.

You have to get something like Thumbgen.  Then download Coverbox templates llike those that I’ve got posted for download HERE (if you use Mojo or Voodoo for your theme) or those in extremedigitals Mega Template Pack or use those that are added with Thumbgen.

And if you don’t know how to use Thumbgen, you can find some tutorials HERE, which will get you started.

The Coverboxes themselves aren’t built into the themes and it isn’t necessary to use one of the themes here (they will work with the Mochi theme) to have the Coverboxes display.  However, if you use my coverboxes without using Mojo or Voodoo, the coverboxes will appear smaller.

i post in this thread

anyone has a dvd case for moviesheet? i see bluray everywhere


Massive Zip pack of templates/Images/Covers

Mega Template Pack 2.0 by


Just look inside a folder called Common then Boxes…

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thanks man!