Bluetooth interference

During data transfers to the drive, a wireless mouse connected via bluetooth frequently loses its connection.  Don’t understand why airport activity would interfere with bluetooth.  The mouse works fine unless data is being transferred to the wireless drive.

Mac Mini

OS 10.6.8

nameless wrote:

Don’t understand why airport activity would interfere with bluetooth.

…because Bluetooth and WiFi use the same frequency bands.

You may need to try a different WiFi channel.

Sounds strange as I have both a BT-mouse, BT-keybord and a BT-trackpad very close to the MPW and no problems so far, tried move the MPW arond but still no problems during transfer.

Probably do as TonyPh… suggests.

Yep! Both Wi-Fi 802.11n and Bluetooth use the same ISM 2.4Ghz band. You might need to try to change your Wi-Fi channel setting, under Advance Settings, for Wi-Fi, to improve it. 

Also, when using any USB 3 drive, including the MPW, when connected USB 3, this USB 3 connection might interfere with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth because the 5Ghz clock for USB 3 and its SSC (Spread Spectrum Clocking) support. You want to keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth away from USB 3 devices, if possible. For example, don’t plug your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth adapter into a USB 3 port or near a USB 3 port. There are USB extension plugs for such adapters. Many keyboard and/or mouse adapters are also 2.4Ghz based and can be interfered with. 

What happen to all of the 900Mhz product? There is another ISM band in the 900Mhz range that no one uses anymore. 


As the others have said, USB3 interferes with Bluetooth.

This is a well reported problem on the internet. If none of the solutions above work for you, Google USB3 + Bluetooth. You will find lots more information about it, and how to work around it. Tin foil, extension leads, channel changes, etc. I have even seen some reasonable analysis of the problem by at least one laboratory.

Tallblondie’s answer is pretty complete though.