Blue spinning half complete circle - what does it mean?

Hello There WD User,
When I go to some drives, I see a 3/4 complete blue circle icon, spinning, next to some files.
It’s like a capital letter C.
What does this represent?


PS - How do I make this question open to a broader user base? At the moment it seems I can only post to one section, but I’m sure lots of users could answer this.
Thanks again!

Where are you getting this processing icon?
Is it on or on the individual file that you stored in the mapped share on your computer or on an application through which you are trying to access the files?

Hello Tech_Wanderer,
Great questions!

I see this symbol on some files on a USB attached drive (attached to my EX2 Ultra) when accessing that drive via Safari/

Is USB attached the same as ‘mapped’?

I can see the size of the file, and download it. The spinning symbol appears on many files at first but over time stops on lots of them but continues on others. Like I said, even with the spinning icon I can still download those files.

I wish I could view files by Kind/File Type.
I wish that when I returned to a folder, mycloud remembered where I was last time I looked in that folder, instead of defaulting to showing the same view.

Hey Tech_Wanderer, got the answer? Seems to be arbitrary and meaningless, apart from WD not being able to quite recognise the file. Otherwise it’s just a distraction, the spinny wheel… I’m probably wrong.