Blue Skin on AVI File Playback

Hi All

I have some AVIs that I would like to play on my WDTV Live. They play OK on my computer, but skintones are blue on the on the WD TV Live player.

Am I missing some setting, is this a common issue, is there a fix?

I havent gone through all my AVI’s yet (only had the WDTV Live for about 8 hours).


Well I figured it out, I needed to change the HDMI deep color setting (think that’s what it was called) from 8 bit to 12 bit.

REALLY?   Could you post a MEDIAINFO for such a file?   12-bit content is unusual.  I’d like to see an example!.  :)

It was every movie actually (mkv, avi, …), not sure if it has something to do with my HT setup, which may be the case because my PS3 had the same issue which is why i got the WDTV live.  

I am just happy every movie doesnt look like Avatar anymore!