Blue Screen - Drive Power Failure 9F - On Shutdown / Sleep & Hibernate. (Probable Driver problem)

I am having a lot of problems shutting down my Laptop.
Shutdown, Sleep and Hibernate no longer work, and I get 9F crash dumps everytime.
I ran Windows debug and it seems that it is a driver problem and it points to SahdIa32.sys (Sonic Solutions) (maybe ?)
I uninstalled Roxio and I do not believe I have any products on my system now, but still I get the SahdIa32.sys pointer.
If I rename SahdIa32.sys in the Driver library my Laptop can’t start, which is worrying. There are references to Sahdla32 in the Registry.

When I go the Device Manager, I get “My Book World Edition Network Storage” entry under Disk Drives.

Only if the drive is Network attached incidentally.

Then I go into the driver details, and it seems that it loads 5 drivers.

partmgr.sys (Microsoft)

Sahdla32.sys (Sonic Solutions) but all Roxio products (sonic solution) have been removed

Snapman.sys (Acronis)

tdrpm273.sys (Acronis)

umpass.sys (Microsoft) 

Can you please give me a few ideas ? and perhaps tell me how I can successfully and safely remove drivers. Specifically the SahdIa32.Sys one ?


Hello friend is is possible for you to post the specifications of your computer?

It would greatly be appreciated.