Blue ring lights alternately flashing - can't access drives

The blue ring lights are alternately flashing and I can’t access my drives.  I have done some searching and I’m not sure what is really wrong.  I read that the RAID might be in downgrade mode but I’m not sure what that is or how I fix it?

Please help or send me in the right direction.

Did you get help on this?

No I have not heard back from anyone yet.

I’ll see what I can do.

Hi Robertson,

If the lights are flashing inner and outer, that would mean 1 of 2 things.

1.  If you have a dual drive unit the RAID is degraded and a drive may have failed internal to the enclosure.  You can access the shared storage manager and it should tell you whether, drive A or drive B has failed.   (To access the Shared storage manager on the Blue ring drive, open a browser and type the name of your drive).

     a. or the enclosure may have failed.

  1. If this is a single drive, the drive or enclosure may have failed. 

let me know if you figure it out or if you need more assistance.