Blue Ray HD MKV Seek / Resume Problem

Hi All,

I tried encoding an m2ts Blue ray file to mkv.  I used Foxreal, and now trying Handbrake (latest version).

I put the HD mkv on an external Drive connected to USB2. 

I can play the mkv on the Liev HUb with good quality but I cannot resume, and cannot seek to a specific position on the film.

It seems I can seek properly on the PC with this file/.

WDTVlive works fine and seeks properly for DVD mkvs.

Any suggestions?  Is this a bug?  Im running the latest firmware.

m2ts files work fine ,  Imm trying to save some space by encoding to mkv / h.264.


Anyone else see this problem with Blue Ray MKV files?

Nope…   Sounds like an MKV file that Handbrake choked on that didn’t get the catalog data saved at the very end.

Seems like handbrake got jacked up! Try MakeMKV. I use that for months now and it flawlessly outputs mkv. Theyre huge files but it preserves 1 to 1 quality. Pick up a 2TB My Book and youll be fine! USB 3.0 of course :wink:


Thanks for the responses.  I’ll look into Makemkv if my retry using Handbrake fails.  Any thoughts on speed of encoding of Makemkv vs.  Handbrake?  Same?

Im seeing only about 20 to 24 fps encoding these Blue rays.  With DVDs I get up to 200 fps…

MakeMKV is much faster because it’s not transcoding.

Handbrake reencodes the stream, and can usually achieve 50-70% smaller files with no noticeable drop in quality.

DVDs at 200fps:   That’s pretty fast.   My 6-core box does about 14-18fps on BluRay and 130 to 150 on DVD.

But, I do turn on other options that slow it down:  Deinterlacing, Decombing, etc.

Makemkv makes 1 to 1 copies of your blu ray. They are a format where one file holds the video and audio, etc…

Handbrake software you can customize to whatever format, size, quality you want and takes so much longer. Your encoding with handbrake and with makemkv your not!

Hope this helps.

OK I think the latest Handbrake is working for me.  I can resume mkv files properly.  Im using RF of 20 for the quality and eseing file size freduce from 42 GB to 12.6 GB (mkv) for Avatar. 

Blue ray is encoding at 24 fps. Setup is Intel Core i7 - 950 at 3.7 Ghz,  12 GB DDR3 at 1.5 Ghz.

BTW,  theres no point putting mkv wrapper from WDTV Live Hub point of view,  I think it plays the MT2S stream natively.