Blue Light

my book essential 320GB is not being recognized when i plug it in.  it does power up but the blue light blinks continuously.  how can i resolve this and why does it blink all the time?  is there a way to re-format it if my computer doesnt recognize it?  Thanks!!

Does it do this only when you connect it to your primary computer?

Since your drive has a blue light I am assuming it’s the older version? If so check out the link below as it covers what various lights mean.

good evening!!.  thanks for the response.  it doesnt matter what computer i have it hooked up to, the light blinks and neither computer recognizes the drive.  i looked at the link but i dont have any kind of program for it in either one of my computers.  i do have the software installed on one of the computers so do i go into that to do what the link tells me to do?  if not, where can i get the necessary software i need to run this.  my computer does have autoplay on but i get no prompts at all when i plug it in to either computer. one computer runs vista, the other runs xp…