Blue Light still flashing- Can't reboot

I’m not very technical and have a problem with my My Cloud Mirror. i can seem to access my files on the system. in the past when this happens i would unplug the device and wait 12 seconds ,plug it back in and waited a few minutes and eventually i could see my files.
in the past week that does not work.
the top blur light just keeps on blinking. i have tried both reset tasks. This also did not fix it. When the instructions says it will reboot i expected after the 40 seconds for the unit to shut itself down and then restart. Am I correct on how it is supposed to work ? If yes, what else can I try to get this up and running ?

i might add that i have not changed any network settings or modems or anything else that would knock this out.

update- just after i typed this post - i checked the unit again. I now have a reddish orange light that is not blinking. i hooked Ethernet cable and the 2 external usb drives and the light turned blue and didnt blink.
but i still cant access my files.