Blue Light but no access...please help!


I’m becoming increasingly infuriated with my WD My CLoud device as it seems to grant access on a seemingly random basis! AT present I have a solid blue light but I cannot accessfiles through any of the usual methods

e.g  [\wdmycloud](/t5/forums/postpage/board-id/), IP address (checked that it matches what is stated in my router settings), windows explorer.

I can ‘see’ the device on my network but cannot access it.

Steps taken:

I powered down and then reset the device. I was left with a white white for 6 hours that eventually turned blue. I was then able to access the drive through windows explorer but the connection was VERY slow. This then timed out and now I;m left with a blue light but no way of connecting.

Can anyone offer any advice or insight into this issue? It seems that problems with these devices are very common - which isn’t the norm for WD products in my experience. Any help would be great! 

Not sure if this is of any help, but in Windows Explorer if you right click on the device in your network and select ‘open device web page’ it should take you to the WD Dashboard or the Twonky server. That should at least allow you to do a system scan to determine if any faults, as well as review the settings for network, users etc. If no joy and given your power light issues, it might be the unit itself.

I’m experiencing the same as you, but not as severe - after rebooting, I have reasonable access for hours to a day or so, but then need to reboot again.  Now, rather than going through the application to reboot (which takes forever), I just unplug the unit, wait about 2 minutes, and then plug it in again.  That seems to “reset” the connection to reasonable data transfer rates again.

I know unplugging the unit is not the best idea, but I am so disgusted with the device that I just do it anyway to make myself feel better. (data is backed up elsewhere)

As to slow connection via Quick View or direct connection, my thought is to get used to it if you continue to use this device.

Sorry for the rant, but this is the worst technology product I have ever invested in.

THanks for the suggestion but sadly this didn’t work - it just will not let me access the drive via a browser or any any medium I’ve tried (An actual medium might be worth a shout at this point…). Last night I powered down the drive and my router, left them for about an hour and then powered up and left them alone until the morning. Once more I have a blue light on the device and it even connected for a few seconds to show me my files are still on there but then it disconnected again.

The only option I have with right click is the “connect with remote desktop connection” but this also didn’t work.

At this point I’m wondering if there is any way of just getting hold of some files that weren’t backed up in time before I have to ditch this. I’d seriously think about buying from WD again - which is a shame as previously they have been reliable. There seems to be too many reports online of problems for me to merely have gotten ahold of a bad unit.

Anyway… does anyone know whether I might be able to retrieve files if I connected this directly to my PC and cut out the router?

Thanks again.

@ owgpz I had the same symptoms as you recently but since then they have esculated. I’ve had the drive 3 months now from PC world in the UK… I seriously doubt they would refund me. I might try anyway for a repair…

I have to admit - this has shaped up to be one of my worst purchases as well - Are these problems typical to network drives in general? If so I’ll go back to simple external drives…

I don’t know, BrettHuckstep because I’ve only purchased 2 NAS devices for my home, both WD. My first one failed completely (the drive went bad) and this one has the same poor connection issues/performance. It gets to the point where I hold my breath and cross my fingers when I access the drive. Too bad really, because I love the potential of the NAS; it just doesn’t deliver for me I don’t know if connecting the NAS directly to your computer via a crossover network cable will work - I would guess that it would still do the same thing since technically it is connecting via your network cable.

UPDATE: Just thought I’d add an update if anyone with a similar problem reads this. I involved WD support and got the issue escalated to their ‘higher support’. They came back to me and said the dashboard software had failed and that the unit needed replacing – I opted to send it back to PC World as it was only 3 months old. Perhaps (Probably) foolhardily I accepted another unit in its place… if it fails again I’ll go back to a simple external hard drive.

So what happend? Did it work?

I installed the new unit but there were some teething problems setting it up - various different error messages regarding the WD setup program. However, despite this the drive appears to work and I have access to the dashboard and have managed to map the drive so Win 8.1 can see it. I’m waiting to see if there are any issues for a few weeks before I go ahead and fully load this up with files - it’s too time consuming a process! If the drive starts to lose connection again it’s going straight back at the first sign of problems…