Blue LED has simply failed

Since a couple of days ago, the blue LED on my MC 3 TB simply does not work at all, regardless of the LED setting in Settings.

The white / yellowish LED is still working and on while the device is booting. 

Other than the blue LED, MC operates normally.

Has anyone had a similar problem? I guess it is very likely that it is a hardware issue and that the blue LED has simply failed for some reason.

Yes, my blue LED is dead, too.  Which is a bit confusing when you’re trying to tell if you have a flashing white light or a flashing yellow light… (‘white’ is yellow and blue, I think).

The same problem. The blue LED is off for 2 days, despite all attempts to revive available for me as an ordinary user. The device (MyCloud 4 Tb) seems to be working.

There’s nothing you can do as it’s apparently a hardware failure. Blue LED has failed on all of the MyCloud devices that I own.

If you go to /sys/class/leds/system_led. You can cat the file color. It contains the color that the led should be. The file blink should contain the word on or off.


Thank you for your reply. I’ve already understood that I can do nothing. My device is out of guarantee period, so no RMA. Here in Moscow official WD service does only RMA and data restore. Others only data restore. Your blue led burnt out a year ago. Does your device continue to work normally after that?

Thank you very much. I am an ordinary user and not familiar with LINUX, so I am a little bit afraid to interfere in the system. Do you mean that it is possible to restore the light by correcting software? It seems to me that the light glow is not absolutely dead. If I put my eye in the dark closely to the led, I can see very subtle glowing or even blinking of the blue led.
It is strange that the LED is burnt out. In my practice I’ve never seen that LEDs burn out by themselves. Only in the case of shortcut circuit, or heavy overheat (as low quality LED bulbs do).

Yes, both my MyClouds have continued working normally after that (the blue LED has failed on both of them, couple of months apart), no other issues.

Yes. The blue LED is merely a status indicator. The fact that it isn’t working has no effect on the rest of the unit’s performance, other than its ability to fully indicate its state of health/sleep.

No; he means that it is possible to determine what the LED should be showing, so you can see if it thinks it ought be be showing a healthy blue.

Yes, it is strange that so many blue LEDs are failing. Maybe they’re not being driven correctly, or it may be that the solder joint, or the LED driver or associated resistor have failed. I haven’t checked to see what is driving the LED; it may be a GPIO on the processor, and it may not be adequately spec’ed to drive an LED.

There is also a brightness and a max_brightness. Which to me would indicate that birghtness of the led can be altered. All you need to do is ssh into the My Cloud. cd to /sys/class/leds/system_led. Then cat the color blink brightness and max_brightness files. The command to cat is
cat .
My blink file contains on. Color file contains blue. Brightness contains 0 and max_brightness contains 255.


Thank you all, friends, for your assistance and and explanations. Now I understand that hopefully nothing threatening happened and I can use MyCloud as usual. But its a pity that there is no way to repair this bug.

It would be nice to know the contents of those files.


Hi, I also had this problem with the broken blue led, I changed it by resoldered it on the motherboard, now it works. Old led light was burned.

Hi there, I’m from Argentina and I have the same problem with the blue led, My Cloud works as usual but blue led is dead. Could you help me with the exact link to find blink brightness? I couldn’t find. Thanks

The files are located at /sys/devices/virtual/leds/system_led
The files are blink, color, brightness, max_brightness

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Thanks for the quick response. So sorry but I couldn´t find that dir. Is this within root HD? or within other dir?

It is in root. This is the folder location for the gen1 system with firmware 4.xx. I have no idea where these file are on the Gen2 firmware 2.xx. They don’t seem to exist on the gen2.

Mine it’s GEN1 with FW 4.xx.xx. I’ll check it by the end of the day and will comment. Thanks again.