Blue LED, but nothing works

Dear all,

I’ve just bought today a 3Tb My Cloud to backup a hard-drive. I have power it, the blue LED appeared very rapidly. Fine.
I’ve a brand new computer with Windows 7, and I’ve installed both the “My Cloud” and “SmartWare” applications. First time connected to my router, it directly appeared in my windows explorer. Great ! But since then, everything got worse and worse…
It appears for never more than 15s in SmartWare, thus I could load only several Mb after hours. I updated the firmware, I changed the connection to static (no problem to connect to it by direct IP adress in internet browser).
It appears without any problem in the “My Cloud” application, but it seems useless to backup a hard-drive. I just can explore the files, and it does it well. But ok, I didn’t need another file explorer.
I still connect the My Cloud parameters without any problem via IP adress /UI.
After having crashed Windows Explorer multiple times, I uninstalled “Bonjour” as recommended elsewhere on this forum, this changed nothing.

So now, I have:

  • “My Cloud” desktop app that detects easily the device, but is not useful in any means to me.
  • SmartWare, which is what is useful to program and backup my hard-drive, can barely detect the device several seconds before a 10-minute long black-out (it proposes me dropbox only).
  • A hardware that has a steady blue LED, indicating me it feels good.
  • The “IP”/UI that leads me without any issue to the firmware setup, which indicates me it feels good.

After hours of struggling, I really begin to feel sorry to have spent days of salary into something so cryptic, and which just doesn’t work until now. Could please anyone have any clue about what could be wrong ?

Thanks from a desperate man…

Can you backup using the file explorer? You can also use synctoy2.1 from microsoft.


Thank you for your fast reply. Now, I can no more see the drive in the windows explorer. I only could the first time I connected it, before I upgraded the softwares and I put the IP as static.
I will investigate the synctoy, but I’m afraid I won’t go far if it is not “recognized” by Windows.

In file explorer click on network then click on the refresh icon. It should show up. But you can also map the network drive and it will always show up.


Thanks for your help.
Definitely, the WD applications don’t work. I’ve mounted the network drive statically, and I’ve installed SyncToy and uninstalled everything related to any WD app… and now it works as a distant hard drive.
Thanks a lot for your time, and it’s a pity that the proprietary apps behave so strangely.

I found SyncToy slow and unreliable, so I switched to FreeFileSync.