Blue LED Burn't out...SSH to change to green?


Yesterday I noticed the front panel of the MyCloud was not lighting up blue like it normally is. So I checked to make sure everything is working properly. Rebooted unit with no luck. Unplugged unit and restarted with no luck I do get the white light when rebooting but as soon as reboot happens it goes blank but everything other then that is fine. I suppose I can live with that - and YES, I made sure my LED’s are ON in the UI. Bums me out that the blue led burns out after only 3 years of use. Oh well.

So…I did research this and saw an article where this one guy SSH in using Putty and added a command line to make the power on button green. I followed the standard way by setting SSH on in my UI. Then opened Putty, entered in the ip of the MyCloud, ticked SSH - then entered “root” as user and “welc0me” as password. This is where his instructions and Putty’s instruction vary. Putty’s instructions say I will then be presented with entering a NEW password and then reentering it again to set my own secure SSH password. Well, that option does not come up, but instead the following line:


So after the # I typed the following: #nano /usr/local/sbin/

This should have brought up a way for me to change the colors and it did not. I am doing something wrong and need help. Here are the instruction I went by in another thread:

I’ve found the problem is caused by HW so the only choice is replacing it by a rarely used color like Green (which makes more sense by the way)
there are 2 solutions to replace the off LED by green.
1: (Easy)
ssh to the Mycloud.
#nano ~/.bashrc
add below text to the end of the file, then CTRL+X, then Y and then Enter to save the file:
echo green > /sys/class/leds/system_led/color

this way, when the HDD Starts, after a few seconds of being off, the green LED will remain on.

2:(The accurate way):
SSH to mycloud
#nano /usr/local/sbin/
Then replace all “Blue” words with “green” for below line:(i’ve already replaced “blue” with “green”)
LED_NORMAL_COLOR=( “green” “green” “green” “green” “green” “green” “green” “off” “green” “green” “green” “green” “green” “green” “green” “white” “white”)
then CTRL+X, then Y and then Enter to save the file.
To verify, you can reboot the HDD through the webui.

This way the system will simply replace the blue with green.

Note:Possible colors:

Can anybody give me step by step how to achieve this without pulling my hair out? Thanks

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after the # you type … nano /usr/local/sbin/

ie. don’t type the # twice and you will see this screen.

Is this a Gen1 or Gen2 My Cloud. I’ve noticed on the Gen2 that it does not use this file to control the led colors.

Thank you Joey for the reply. I apologize but I did type it in without the # (the second one) and my screen did not look like yours. Plus where and how do we add the code as describes above to change the color. I have never used this SSH before…first time today so I was just following instructions.

Any extra help to get me to the finish line would be appreciated. If you or anyone wants a screenshot just let me know. I know a lot of people have had this “blue light burnout” and it would be nice to have a clear explanation so people can fix this and at least have a power light on.

Thanks again

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How can you tell which Generation it is and then I will reply with which it is. I do know I bought two of these in 2016.

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@daddylogan 1st generation firmware 4.xx.xx, 2nd generation firmware 2.xx.xx

1st generation then

Firmware v04.05.00-334

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This is what I see…don’t know what to do next?

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Anyone? Just need a little help to get to the finish line. Would like to get a power led back on.

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nano is a text editor. You’ve managed to open nano; there are basic command instructions at the bootom of the screen. Use it to edit the file as per the instructions you posted. Save the file. Done.

If that’s too hard for you, use WinSCP to access the MyCloud file system (instead of logging in via SSH), and copy and the file to your computer, and edit the file in your favourite text editor (use LF for end of line, ratner than CR or CR/LF), and then use WinSCP to put the edited file back.

Reboot MyCloud.

Just did a test. Changed the led from yellow to red for loss of network connection. Pulled the cable and the led lit up red. This is on a gen 1 My Cloud. No reboot necessary.

As I have said, I have never done this before. I did my due diligence to try and search an answer and got this far. It’s not that something is “to hard” for me, but rather why not help teach me what to do so I can learn? I have no idea what those basic commands at the bottom of the screen mean because to me they are not “basic” yet if you know what I mean? I don’t know what to press on my keyboard to get to a place where I can run a command? Per the instruction I posted, those instructions made it sound like after I entered in the - “nano /usr/local/sbin/” command that it would show up as the following line but with the color “blue” in place of green?

LED_NORMAL_COLOR=( “green” “green” “green” “green” “green” “green” “green” “off” “green” “green” “green” “green” “green” “green” “green” “white” “white”)

If this is what “I” am suppose to type in, that has not been made clear to me of when and where and how.

This is an area most average users never need to go mind you…as hopefully not everyone’s blue LED burns out. I however would like to learn how to fix this and I am willing to learn…but please don’t take it as though I am suppose to already know what may be easy to you. :wink:

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Never mind…I decided to just FTP in with zero issues and changed it there.

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I don’t use nano, so I can’t teach you how to use it. Not that I would expect to have to (nor would I spend my time to do so). If you google ‘nano editor’, you will find the instruction manual. It’s a text editor; I’m sure you’ve used text editors before, and they all work in much the same way.

The ‘too hard’ bit was an acceptance that learning to use a new text editor might be unnecessary for this task, so I gave you an alternative, to allow you to use whatever text editor you are familiar with. If I’d known you were familiar with FTP, I’d have suggested that instead of WinSCP.

Why even reply?

There are a number of general how to directions on using Nano that can be found with one’s favorite web search engine, if one hasn’t done so already. For example one such guide:

In Nano the “^” means you use the CTRL key on your keyboard in conjunction with some other key to produce the desired program execution result. So for example to view the Nano help (^ G Get Help) one would press CTRL + g keys and the Nano help will appear where you can scroll down/up using the down/up arrow keys (or page down/page up keys) to read the help file. The help file indicates what actions the various key combinations the program supports.

Hi, my MyCloud 4TB not have blue light. To solve the problem, I want change to green. I put SSH on. Now, I don’t know where I put “#nano ~/.bashrc” and other features to change blue off to green on. I have a macbook pro with Big Sur.

You will need to use the “Terminal” application in Mac OS X to connect to the My Cloud using SSH. More information on how to access the My Cloud using SSH can be found in the following WD Knowledgebase Article.

Thanks, I urderstand but…
I enable SSH in MyCloud. In terminal I put the ‘nano /usr/local/sbin/’ then enter…but can’t see lines…

Any video to I see…?