Blue led blinking fast

Hello all,

I just bought the My Passport Wireless Pro 3tb version. I configured it so that it would automatically import files from an sd card, when inserted. I inserted a full Sandisk Extreme 128gb sd card filled with GoPro videos with the Sandisk adapter. However after some time exporting the files to the harddrive all the blue leds suddenly start blinking and the device loses it’s wifi connection. After restarting the device I could see it exported about 10gb of video files, but nothing more.

Does anyone know about this problem? It’s like it crashes after some time exporting files from the sd card.

I’ve never come across this issue myself, but I don’t use my WP to auto-import from a card. I’d recommend contacting support for this one:

Please submit this case with the WD support team. They may also need your device log to find out what happened. Thanks.