Blue caviar hangs and shows as unallocated, but SMART data shows no problem

Hello My system: windows 7, Motherboard: Gigabyte z68A-D3H-B3, Video: sapphire 7970 vapor-X. PSU: 750W. Disks: kingston SSD, Seagate 2tb ST2000DM001, seagate ST3160827AS 160gb, and two WD disks, one internal WD10EZEX (blue caviar) and one on USB3 box WD10JPVT (blue scorpio). Sorry for long text, but it is hard to describe the problem shortly. I have very weird problem for some time now. Sometimes when I play game or watch movie, my WD internal drive “disappears”, like pc hangs, probably, because some files try to write to the disk and cant access it. Can’t shut it down, takes forever. Then I use reset button. But when returns to the windows, the drive shows as unallocated in the disk management. I tried to use recovery program to recover data, but it didn’t even couldn’t access any partition on the disk (even when used bootable recovery programs). When I check SMART information with crystalDiskInfo, it loads the drive longer then usual, but the then it shows that there is no problem or changes at all in any SMART values. Also disk check utility from WD (Data lifeguard diagnostic) shows that drives are ok. Only when I power down pc (not with reset button), then disk is all back as nothing happened. Sometimes USB WD disk disappears too. I have movies on the disk, and after watching from the disk, it is gone. Even don’t show up when I unplug usb cable and plug back. And this only happens to WD disks, not to any other. At first I had my documents stored on the WD internal, then the disappearance happened every time when I played something sooner or later. Then I put back documents to SSD system disk, and it helped a little. So I’m guessing, that this is not WD disks fault, but most likely the motherboards. My WD disks are healthy now, even they was unallocated multiple times, and no data is missing. What could cause such behavior? Thanks

Hi indulis, try using another SATA cable or connecting the hard drive to another motherboard? 

Hi. Thanks for the reply

I did try different cables and different slots on motherboard. No changes