Blue and Yellow LED: dead My Book NOaLive


My WDL is totally dead. I removed HD from case and installed in win7 to extract all data from /dev/sda4.

When i put it back to case it shows blue led, then changes to yellow and then back to blue instead of green. This is an infinite loop.

I guess could be smtg wrong with mbr or raid partitions so i reinstalled them with DD. But still same behaviour.

Anybody knows what can be happening? Id aprecite any help. 


Hello, the case seems to have gone bad, there is not a lot you can do to fix it. 

How is this possible? i dont get it. Just unpluging and pluging?? Doesnt makes sense. I think problem is when i accesed to hard disk from win7 to recover data, the mbr was modified and its unable to boot the raid partitions.  

What do you mean by “the case going bad”?

Could be some bad blocks on the drive…