Blu-ray ISOs on WD TV Live

Is it possible simply to create ISO’s from bluy-ray disks and watch them on WD TV Live? If so, what is the best program to create right ISOs? Nero?

I wouldn’t create ISOs – just rip the blu-ray (such as with AnyDVD HD) and store the largest m2ts file (which will play just fine with Live).

If you want to compress use Handbrake and convert to an MKV container.

AnyDVD HD costs money. And I will never pay money to cheaters. They make different labels for the same ripper And this rippers work too slowly. MakeMKV works much better…

Then use MakeMKV to make your movies and stop complaining about creating an ISO for your blu-rays.

You know, that MakeMKV doesn’t support subtitles on blu-ray… I’m looking for an alternative.

I don’t know that and you AREN’T looking for alternatives because you dismiss folks who provide them.

Go troll elsewhere.


it’s not my fault, that you don’t know or don’t understand simple things.

Ripping  Blu Ray straight to ISO, they are maybe TrueHD audio, WDTV Live unit doesnt support  TrueHD audio.

I like HD mkv or mp4.

galaktiker wrote:

   it’s not my fault, that you don’t know or don’t understand simple things.

Look who’s talking. MakeMKV does support subtitles on Blu-ray!

well back to the original question…I have one BD ISO file and it works fine on my WDTV LIVE. It playes the main movie. But as mentioned it’d save you some space etc…by just ripping the largest mt2s file…as the menu and the rest of the usual goodies on bluray won’t work with the wdtv.