Blu-ray ISO or MKV?

Hello, I want to put some Blu-ray movies on my Hub, but before i start i was wondering what was the best way to go ISO or MKV? How does the Hub handle these files? I know it plays DVD ISO fine, Is it the same for Blu-ray? Any suggestions? Thanx

I used the product MakeMKV…  The MKV files work great on the hub.

Blu ray ISOs play back fine from the Hub’s internal hard drive and from locally connected USB drives. Not so from the My Book Live or another Hub used as a media server - the folder is there, but the Hub reports no content.  I am trying MakeMKV now to see how that works, but others have reported that MKV’s wont stream if the audio track is Dolby HD.

Thanks, i was planning on copying to hard drive so thats perfect. I think I will go with ISO 

The blu ray that would not play as an ISO from the My Book Live via my network does play as a MKV.  Its audio is DTS MA, so this was not a test of the Dolby True HD playback problem.  Most movies are DTS anyway, so I doubt that this is a big concern.

I used MakeMKV, which seems to be a shareware beta with a fully functional 60 day trial. Website says that the free trial time can be reset by downloading the latest beta. I bet it won’t be free when it emerges from beta status.

I have the best luck ripping to BDMV folder structure, the m2ts format seems to have the least issues.

I could not get a disc ripped to BDMV folders to play from the MyBook Live, but it would from the Hub’s internal drive.  It appears what format you want to use depends on how you will access it - directly from the Hub’s internal drive or local USB drive vs. a networked media server, including another Hub on the same network.

So far I have copied 13 blu ray movies plus the entire Band of Brothers blu ray series, just by copying the .m2ts file to the hub. The hub plays them just fine. I have not had to spend hours converting the files. I have had problems with Taken, only because the movie is in several files instead of one, and National Treasure 2, the English (with no comments) sound track is in a format that the hub will not play.

Also, these blu ray files play just fine on the WD Live HD in my family room over a gigabit network connection.