Blu-Ray Cover Art

Hello everyone…where can I get the official blu ray cover art like so many of you are using in these wonderful themes you are creating?

Go to this link

And download template mega pack 2.o

You will also need Thumbgen

Create the cover art using one of the custom coverbox templates…

If you never used Thumbgen before it would be useful to have a look at firetix video here:-

google is ur best friend, here is a PSD photoshop template Blu-Ray Case i had made so u can make ur own with ur own cover. the PSD is actually Transparent so u will not get the grey background, u insert your cover and i till will show up in the back ground to act as if it was in the case

Blu-Ray Case:

HD-DVD Case:

MKV Case:

Wow!  Thanks for all the great information guys!  I’ve got thumbgen so I’m ready to go!  

I followed the video it has all the files in one folder, does it recognize the templates or do I have to rename them? I got confused at the end.