Blu - Ray -- a little confused --

Hello, first of all I am totally newbie with my WD TV Live plus.

The experience with the device is great, I can play mp3, DVDs (.iso files) with any problem.

But I am having some kind of problems with blu ray movies. I get some movies, ripped from the original BD but some of them can not be played “correctly” . What I mean ? for example some oh them start to play in the middle of the movie…

but others can play well.

So, what kind of BD can our TV live play ?

Can I select from menu the .mpls file to start to play ?

Thanks in advance and apologize if my question is silly :slight_smile:

No, you’ll need to use a program like TSMUXER to re-order the TS streams in the correct order.

A little elaboration:

  1. Use BDinfo to find the right playlist (usually the first/biggest).

  2. Use tsMuxer to mux this playlist to a M2TS file. You may omit unwanted sound- and subtitle tracks in this step.

  3. The resulting M2TS file plays fine.


Yeah.   What CocoV said.  :smileyvery-happy:

Thank you !!!