Blocking update in router

Is there a way to shut off the firmware update in router without eliminating being able to connect to netflix and services? I do not wish to update to the troubled latest firmware, where i can turn them off in settngs

Not in the router so much (well it is possible if you know the URL and the workings of your router), but it would be easier to write down the network settings the hub is getting. Then change it from auto/DHCP to manual, and enter the same values; just leave the default gateway blank.

The down side to this is that “Get Content Info” will also no longer work.

Oh, and which router you have will be helpful to know.

Its a Netgear.

There is an option in the hub setting to stop it looking for new firmware so you can do it manually

If you are on firmware 2.03.24 then you have a setup option to turn off the auto detection of new firmware.

Setup / System / Auto Detect New Firmware / on/off

But on the older firmware, no such option. A bit of a catch-22 thing, I guess