Bloated battery

I don’t think anything is being “confirmed” by the moderator’s announcement, other than it states there are two new important KBA articles from WD regarding the MPW battery, and how to better take care of it. If you have a MPW you’d better read them. I presume if any user ends up with a bloated battery, WD will take care of them. So rest easy.

As mentioned in the KBA, there are a number of factors that can affect a battery’s performance. This includes operating your device within the recommended guidelines and conditions, and yes, customers have reported being able to take advantage of the new FW to enhance their battery life and profile. Please contact WD Customer Service if you have any further questions about your specific use case.

Anyone got a direct URL to the KBAs?

About 5 posts before yours.

Western Digital has released My Cloud Mobile App 4.4.3 for iOS and Android devices.

  • Mobile app version 4.4.3 introduces a new firmware update message for My Passport Wireless device users.
  • Select “Wi-FI” settings to connect your device to the internet and update the firmware.

Reference KBAs:

WD Customer Support and Services

I had the very same problem today. I was present when it happened. I thought my drive was about to get burst. It poped completely. Because I needed to protect my data from burst I disconnected it immediately . After removing the battery I plunged again… and my data was there :sweat:

…I think the battery is not designed to be competed all day as I have it.

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Did you get the replacement Phluke for the HDD ??

That’s a pretty serious problem… Has anyone had problems with a MPW 500Gb or 1GB? Or does this only affect the 2GB?

Did the above problems happen whilst charging only? or was the device running and charging at the same time?

I guess I wont be leaving my 500GB plugged in for ages just in case!

Has anyone had the problem since the charge control changes in the later firmwares? (i.e. since the change so that long charging at 100% backs off the charge and lets it drop to 80% and hover there?)

I couldn’t figure out why my device dropped to 80% if I left it charging… but I now know why! I’ll be sure not to let that happen in future.

The top link there should be a LOT more prominent on

It appears that the problem with these devices is due to a failure of either the charge algorithm or the battery protection circuit to do its job… and the FW addresses that by backing off the charge (quite severely)…

I for one didnt know anything about this until I stumbled across it trying to diagnose why my battery was only charging to 80%

My battery didn’t bloat up, but it did, however, cause some pretty bad corrosion on the wireless circuit board and battery plug. It probably was from over charging. It would ne nice to have some kind of circuit protection from causing overcharging. And from looking at it. It wouldn’t be hard to design a user replaceable battery setup. If cheap cellphones can do it… WD did it so we would have to buy another one if the same issues arise, which is BS. Greedy a$$ companies.

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From my experiences with Li-Po batteries every case that had a battery that was plugged in 24/7 had bloated up, just not as large as what is seen here. I haven’t fully understood it myself but there is a correlation between battery voltage, temperature (as this drive can exceed the 40C threshold easily) and battery degradation.

Of course, considering it’s cheaper to hook the drive up to a power bank I’m sure that’s what WD (and most other companies) are going for these days.

hi Simba,

could you please update how was your warranty claim to WD ?
did you got replacement one to one or just the battery?
thanks in advance

FYI: mine also got bloated battery after couple months of using it.
and i’m about th open support case,
hope to know about your experience with support case.

my Passport wireless 2gigs happen to got bloated battery today, first i thought maybe kids accidentally drop it, but somehow it is impossible because i place it at somewhere safe and trying to googling then found this post , seem like quite number of users also have same problem.

hope you guys can update your experience with support case result, and or guarantee claiming process? anybody successfully got replacement unit or even replacement battery?

thanks in advance.

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I had the issue a year ago on a 1T…Then…today my 2To just burst !!! Data are safe but that’s a little bit scary . It has the last FW version (1.06.06)… Can someone at WD can assess this quickly to warn all mypassport wireless clients to know whtat they should do or not do while waiting for a safe solution ?

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I am confident WD will take care of you on this issue. Can you guys tell us if the MPW had been idle a while and just did this, or was it operating getting warm, charging, etc. and then this happened?

They swapped it out for a MyCloud Mirror 4TB (dual 2TB drives). My second 2TB and the 1TB is working just fine.


That’s what I narrowed it down to. These two were charged and were unplugged when full, but I did not leave them plugged in. There seems to be a direct link between keeping them plugged in all the time and the battery bloating. So, just charge it up when you need it.

I use my 2TB as a movie bank for trips (recompressed DVDs and Blurays that we own). The tablets run Kodi and connect to it. Works great!

hi Simba7,

thanks for reply.
that makes me think why they swapped for MyCloud Mirror instead of replace with same MyPassport Wireless?
did you have to spend money for that swap?

My Passport Wireless mostly use for watching movie as hdd, (wifi off), and plugged in to PC, some time i leave it overnight when i move large amount of movies file from laptop into it. i think that is somehow it got overcharge and got bloated. Wonder why it doesn’t have feature like most of cellphone that will stop charging when battery is full.
or At least have option to connect and charge OR connect data only.

OOT ; FYI : I had bad experience with My Cloud Mirror. since it have System (Linux i think). so when system somehow error and HDD not damage, i lose all access to my file, which is half filled with family pictures and half with movies and music. Have to go to data recovery service which is not cheap.

hi mike27oct,

it never get too warm whenever i use it,
and as i notice whenever i stop access the HDD, the white light will go blink which i assume it is in sleep state.
and if i access it (open with file explorer) will take a while to load then white light will become on constantly which i assume it is ON.
that is why i quite shock to find the battery can just got bloated and crack the case cover up.

it is charging when we plug into usb on pc/laptop.

hi lebios
since i need to use to access my data and feel not safe letting the bloated battery stay around my hdd.
i completely remove the bloated battery (which surprisingly easy to remove) for safety reason.

Same issue here. It happened a few weeks ago and I had no idea that it was the battery until I cam across this board! I have notified WD, although it was purchased more than a year ago and presumably out of warranty. I hope for and expect a replacement, since it’s seems to have been a common issue. Does it work without the battery and how does one remove it safely?

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