Blinking yellow this morning

My MyCloud was inaccessable this morning, and when I looked at it the light was blinking yellow.  According to the manual, that could mean either the network connection was out or there was a thermal problem.  The ethernet cable was plugged in ok, and I have no reason to believe the temperature was out of range.  I unplugged the power, waited 10 seconds, then plugged it back in and it came up blue in a few minutes and was accessable again and has been ever since.  Could it have something to do with the leap second that was added last night?

I am still using firmware v04.00.00-607 because I’m afraid to upgrade until I get another drive to back-up the data on the MyCloud.

Just thought I put my 2 cents in that it might be possible that the leap second may be the cause of your blinking yellow light.

I’m running latest firmware and had normal blue light this morning and was able to remotely access the drive… So far so good…