Blinking yellow, but somehow operating

hey guys - any ideas how i can get rid of this yellow/orange blinking?

My WDMycloud is blinking yellow, but i can access it locally and from the job without problem.

The blinking is annoying though.

I have unplugged the cable and put it back in - then it started operating (before that it didnt work at all, and turned off by itself).

The yellow/orange light keeps blinking which (i think) indicates network issues, but i am able to reach it from distance.

// loink

Have you tried uplugging the cable and replacing it with a new or different cable ?

that’s the first troubleshooting thing i’d try in case the cable is causing the issue.

if it still blinks orange/yellow … then you can elminate the cable and move on to the next variable to try.

thanks buddy - i’ll try that when im back at home :slight_smile: