Blinking yellow, but somehow operating

hey guys - any ideas how i can get rid of this yellow/orange blinking?

My WDMycloud is blinking yellow, but i can access it locally and from the job without problem.

The blinking is annoying though.

I have unplugged the cable and put it back in - then it started operating (before that it didnt work at all, and turned off by itself).

The yellow/orange light keeps blinking which (i think) indicates network issues, but i am able to reach it from distance.

// loink

Have you tried uplugging the cable and replacing it with a new or different cable ?

that’s the first troubleshooting thing i’d try in case the cable is causing the issue.

if it still blinks orange/yellow … then you can elminate the cable and move on to the next variable to try.

thanks buddy - i’ll try that when im back at home :slight_smile:

ok - now im back with the WDMYCLOUD
When i start the drive, its orange, after 2-5 minutes the light completely turns off, and i cant connect. while its orange i CAN connect from LAN, however not from the online service. The device has been operating earlier, so i cant really blaim the firewall. Cables has been switched, still no succes.

Any advices?

When i use a “strait” net-cable its permanent orange. I have tried one of those “light” cables with fewer “pins” as well - then it keeps blinking, so i guess that kind of cable wont do. Its plugged directly into the router.

latest try with my completely new cat8 cable; still no go. :confused:

ive tried starting with cable in, or putting in after startup - no change.

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In certain cases the broadband ISP router may conflict with the My Cloud. Using a network switch between the My Cloud and the network router tends to fix that issue.

My Cloud is not recognized when connected to AT&T Uverse, Pace, Arris, Ubee or Sonic Gateway Routers

In certain cases one may have to change the My Cloud Remote Access setting (in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Cloud Access > Remote Access > Configure section) from Auto to Manual. Then specify two alternate ports (like 8080 and 4443 for example). Then setup a port forwarding rule within the local network router using the new ports to route traffic from the Internet to the My Cloud.

thanks for the answer - now i have tried with a switch - still no help. I tried to make a complete system-restart (40 sec) - still no go.

If i start it without cable its blinking orange/yellow. When i plug in cable it instantly turns off the LED. Same second.

Since i really want to save the data i wonder if i can somehow connect to it by USB, and which cable im gonna buy (unless one of u guys have a brilliant idea).

// loink