Blinking red with Power and WiFi LEDs - My Passport Wireless

My MPW always gets alternating red flashing lights. I rebooted the MPW and it went back to normal. It happens few times every single day. It also disconnected my MacBook from the MPW. I need to reboot my MacBook, otherwise, my MacBook can’t connect to the MPW. So weird! Can anyone help me fix this problem? 

Hello Vivilo, Welcome to the WD Community. Have you checked that you have the latest version of the firmware on the unit? Have you tried resetting the drive?

I downloaded latest firmware once I got the product.  I also reset it.  But it still keeps on happening. 

vivilo wrote:

I downloaded latest firmware once I got the product. 

That doesn’t tell us anything.  If you got the product a year ago, it’s running old firmware.

You’re rite. I bought this product just 3 days. I downloaded the latest firmware yesterday. I’ve tried what you guys suggested but still failed.