Blinking lights at WD-Home ... in the last day of warranty.. STRANGE!

The problem is, I have WD-Home external hard disk with WDH1CS10000 model number and  serial number.

I’ve been using this hard disk without any problem since I bought it 2 OR 3 yrs ago. Strangely, 2 days ago when I turn on my computer I could not reach the unit at all.

Since then, when I power on the hard disk, the front lights only blink nearly per second and my computer never detect it even in disc management system.

I tried to connect it to another computer, with e-sata or usb cable and still not connected.

What’s so weird is that, I registered this website today to complain about the problem and I see that, the end of warranty time is exactly the same day as the problem occured : 23th june 2012

What kind of situation is this? Is it really BIG BIG BIG coincidence that after all years without any problems, the hard disk go blind in the same day as warranty finished?

Is there anything I can do to revive the hard disk again and use it? Its full loaded 1 terrabyte with my all file archive and it would be a disaster if I can’t reach the hard drive…

I hope you respond as quick as possible

Best Wishes.

Dr.Oguzhan YILMAZ

To Summarize the situation in Turkish…

Yukarıda bahsedilen model no ve ürün, tam olarak ürünün garantisinin bittiği 2 gün önce çalışmamaya başladı. Cihazı devreye soktuğumda ön paneldeki ışıklar saniyede bir yanıp sönüyor. Asla bilgisayarda hard diski tanıtamıyorum. Disk yönetiminde de partisyon görünmüyor.

Model: WD1000H1U_00 ( 1TB )

Dated: 4/AUG/2009

A week ago I cannot d/load the file from the H/D, so i decided  to format  the H/D.

During format with 1TB  , nothing happen and always display cannot format.

So,  I partition into two part,  during format  half way  both display  format cannot complete .

Try on two computer  also cannot  complete the format.

Question> 1) This H/D still under warranty ?

                    2)  If still under warranty , where to send.(add) ?

                    3)  Can WD software(d/load) can help to format the H/D ?

Thks & Regards…Mokct

Why no one reads and replies to the situation?  So sad…