Blinking light of Death: Is it really this easy to transfer the DL4100 bays to save data?

Yes, I too have suffered the blinking light of death with the unit turning off every 6-10 minutes. Looks like I am not alone. I have the 24TB NAS DL4100 (running the raid where it is a mirrored drive, so 2x12TB set up). I have read many of the other reviews and know the data seems to be retrievable. I’m hoping so.

I called customer service and he told me the answer was to buy the EX4100 and to swap out the bays exactly as they are in the DL4100. If not, he said, you will erase the drives and lose everything. Gulp. That’s not an option.

I have 80,000 pictures/videos on this unit, I can’t afford to lose the history of my family/kids.

I spoke to Drive Savers and they are $3.2K to $8K for 24TB raid NAS recovery. Secure data was $1K to $2K PER Bay. Buying this EX4100 would obviously be a lot cheaper, but I am not an overtly technical person, have no idea what an ubunto box is or how Linux works. I use MACs, and would be willing to try something that is more challenging if I had some directions as long as I knew I wasn’t going to erase the data if I screwed up.

Would love to hear from people who have done this or have the knowledge on whether or not it is really this simple. Thanks everyone.

Ok, thanks - I’ll have to look up what JBOD is!

Ok, thanks. When I replace the drives, should I put them in before turning on the unit and starting it with them already installed? Then, are there any other steps I need to take or do I just go through the prompts? I’m just scared I’m going to do something that will erase my data. Thanks for your help!


Just in case anyone ever reads this and is looking for an answer, I did the transfer and it worked fine. I bought the EX4100, put the drives in, and followed the prompts and it worked just fine.

Here is the link to the WD help article: My Cloud: Moving Hard Drives From an Enclosure to Another Enclosure (RAID Roaming)

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Right, that’s exactly what they want,
we all go and buy a new device.
After a few years we’re in the same sh*t again.

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