Blinking green long short long and cannot access, please help me!

Ok. I´ve seen a lot of topics with blinkin green lights but none that really helped me…

I changed the router and after that i cannot access my WD my book live 1tb. I can see it in “my computer” but when i click it it says it´s not accesible. When i click “diagnose” it simply says that windows cannot find it…I unplugged it and run the setup again but that program wont either find it. I see on the front that it is blinking, not steady but like loooong, short, looong, short, short, looong. Something like that…Anyone knows whats wrong?

I have no idea about the blinking, but …
Sometimes when you change routers Windows changes your network profile from “Private” to “Guest or Public”. This makes your computer “undiscoverable” and unable to use SMB connections such as needed by MBL. (I’m not sure about the details or accuracy of my description, but the things in quotes are useful in searches about this problem.) If you are running Windows 10 this link
will walk you through a solution.

On the other hand, if your network profile is “Private” and you still have the problem then someone else will have to make a suggestion.