Blinking Green Light

Last night we had a major power failure in the city and power was out for 6 hours… unfortunately, my UPS did not stay up, and all my network equipment, including mybooklive, powered off.

Today, I am having problems accessing the device. I decided to reload the drivers but it failed to detect the device on the network… said the green light needed to be solid on.  That’s when I noticed the green light blinking. And it blinked forever… like hours. After a while, I came back, and it was blue (standby mode). To get it going again, I unplugged the power and plugged it back in… that’s when the ■■■■■■ started blinking green again for more hours.

What is going on?  No other computers were accessing the device… why is it constantly blinking green?  Was there a corruption that occurred last night, and it is running some internal scan/correction software?  If so, is this going to happen every time now?

I find it odd that I can no longer access my data from my notebook, yet I can access it from my iPad - even when the green light is blinking.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated… thanks!

 why is it constantly blinking green?

because it’s probably reindexing media.

Does this happen frequently?  Or is it because I had the unit powered down during a power outage?

Does it do this each time it is powered down and up again, or is this a one-time issue due to my power outage?

It will do it every time it’s powered up, and will occassionally do it when it’s idling.