Blinking/flickering subtitles problem SUB/IDX


I have this problem:

Whenever I watch a Chinese movie with SUB/IDX subtitles (3 languages English/Chinese T/Chinese S), the subs will show, but somehow, there’s a huge black box that comes with it that covers almost the entire screen. And this process repeats itself with every new line of subtitle. The whole movie is unwatchable (unless you turn the subs off…). Why am I having this problem? And to make thing even more confusing: it’s totally random. Some movies are fine, with no flickering subs at all!

I googled to find a solution, but to my surprise almost no one else has this problem. I’ve read that downgrading the firmware might help, but how can this be done? There are manuals on downgrades only for WDTV Live etc. No mini.

So, please, could someone be so kind to help me?

Hardware: WDTV Mini (bought around 08/2010)

My current firmware: 1.00.60 (03/2010) newest on WD site

Try to find a subtitle file in another language (like French or German) and see if the same issue occurs. If it does, there may be something wrong with your unit. If it does not occur, than it may be a bug with your languages subtitles. Have you verfied your language is supported?