Blinking Blue & Slowness - EX4

I’m going on-site to problem solve a performance issue between EX4 and two CAD workstations. The prospect is one firmware update behind, meaning this business does not have the latest January 2019 firmware update, which seems to include many security related patches/fixes. My questions include,
1.) Is it probable that the latest firmware release may resolve performance issues and may be cause for blinking blue LED’s? The system appears to be working, though unusually slow.
2.) Is this considered to be more of a major release, for example, functionality disabled at all?, extraordinary precautions and planning necessary due to scope of changes within the release?

Thanks for any insight and feedback,


Well, the client upgraded to newest firmware version (reset and rebooted as well) and the blinking blue LED continues. What could be causing the drives to be thrashing? I assume they are thrashing…