Blinking blue light

I have reset MyCloud for a reboot and the light continues to blink blue. It is connected to Time Capsule with ethernet cable and plugged into wall outlet. Light has been blinking blue for at least 24 hours. I need to recover some of the content. It is a 6 TB drive but very far from being full. I have a partial backup of most of the files, but was working when I discovered the drive was failing. I hope I can access a data recovery service. I have spent hours with support and after reset/reboot they tell me they can’t help me if light doesn’t turn solid blue. Using Mac OSX Mojave . Would appreciate any leads/help/!

Hi lucyr,

We were able to locate you in our system and we have found that next level of support agent is already working on this issue. For more information, you can also contact us ( We’d be happy to help.

Thank you. I have just about given up on this issue. I have tried everything, including 40 second reboots to no avail. I spoke with two WD tech support people, but unfortunately the English was so poor and the connection so awful that they could not help, other than to tell me to reboot. I would appreciate any suggestions. I would be so sad to lose the photos that are on the disk

Which single bay My Cloud unit do you have? The older first gen version running firmware 4.x or the newer second generation running firmware 2.x? On the newer firmware 2.x single bay My Cloud a blinking blue front LED meands one of the following:

  • Displays when you first apply power to the unit.
  • Reset pressed.
  • Device has begun loading the Operating System (OS).
  • Firmware update in progress.

If the My Cloud unit does not come out of the blinking blue light state then one has a couple of options. If the My Cloud unit is no longer under warranty, one can remove the hard drive from the My Cloud enclosure, attached it to a computer running Linux or that has Linux drivers installed to view the contents of the My Cloud hard drive and recover files (if the drive isn’t damaged). One can then attempt to “unbrick” the My Cloud firmware using one of teh various unbrick methods described in other forum threads or by using Fox_EXE’s unbricking steps.

Unbrick first gen:
Firmware for first gen unbrick:
Unbrick second gen:

It helps to use Linux when accessing or unbricking a hard drive removed from a My Cloud enclosure. Windows does not contain the nessessary driver(s) to access a Linux partition/formated drive. See the following for more information:

Ubuntu is one popular Linux distro has can be burned to a DVD or USB flash drive and used to boot a computer into Linux. More information on how to create a boot disc or USB boot flash drive for Ubunto can be found here:


I notice that several posters have WD MyCLoud that were purchased on or around July 2016, as was mine. I am wondering whether there was a system problem with these drives!