Blinking Amber & Blue light on one drive bay

G-Speed Q—Mac OS 10—RAID 5
I have a blinking amber to blue light on one of my drives.
Has the drive failed or is it rebuilding?
If the light is blinking and not on steady that’s better—right?
I’m betting the drive has failed.
What is the best procedure to replace the drive?
Can I turn off the G-Speed until I purchase another drive?
Should I shut-down my computer?
BTW- not a lot of info in the manual.

Your indication does point towards hard drive failure. Best scenario is to shut down the unit, remove the drive that is failing and take the serial off of it and create an RMA if it is still within warranty on the HGST website.

If the drive is no longer under warranty then just look for a replacement drive that has the same P/N.

Thank you!