Blinking Activity LED ?s on My Book Essential

Per the WD manual for the My Book…LED Appearance Power State/Activity

On steady - Idle.  Fast flashing, approximately 3 times per second - Activity.   Slow flashing, approximately every 2.5 seconds - System standby.  

Mine is flashing rapidly 6-8 times in a row then takes a 1-2 sec breather.   This will go on for a long time.   That indicates activity , per above.   The VCD has been disabled, and I have Norton Ghost backing up the full hard drive twice weekly and MY Doc folders nightly.  

Strangly the rapid blinking activity continues whenever it wants…there should not be any continuous backup going on as the VCD would permit.    I double checked that VCD is checked disabled.

I really want this backup drive to only operate in the middle of the night as backup activity seems to really affect and hinder normal PC operations. 

Any ideas???


The fact that your are not using the continues backup software does not mean that the computer and the drive won’t communicate from time to time.

This action does not affect your drive performance or reliability, this is a normal behavior. 

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Thanks …   Do you know if there is a way to review what has been backed up to assure that it’s really there.