Blink red LED since the 2nd hour of boxing

My sister purchased me a WD My Passport Wireless 2TB 1 month ago from Amazon US

And she sent me few day ago (I’m in Cambodia now).

before using it I read few about manual to know some about my new Passport Wireless

I can use my WD Wireless as well like copy or move via USB, I can use My Cloud app on my iPhone to see what instruction said…

Next hour I try to stream a HD Movie (720p) from my WD Wireless via wifi option

begin My Cloud need about 1 min to start streaming movie and play around 3mn the steaming is STUCK (movie didn’t play anymore) I look at my WD My Passport Wireless show by 2 Red LED Blinking (I read the manual they said Drive has Problem, contact WD

Now each time I push the power button > few minute later I’ve got the 2 Red LED Blinking

But I still able you use as with Wire USB Connection as normally

I read the update Firmware from the WD Support Page by SD (FAT-32, copy …_x.bin file to ‘update’ folder in SD)

but it seem My Passprt Wireless didn’t accept that installation and return 2 Red LED Blinking all the time again and again.

I try to get support from WD Support via email and I’ve got this reply 2 days ago


Thank you for your email. Our goal is to answer your email within one (1) business day. However, sometimes due to heavy volume it might take little longer to respond.

Western Digital Service & Support

Case Details

Case Ref Number : [Deleted]


 So what can I do now to solve this problem ?

Welcome to the Community. 

I’d keep an eye for a response from WD Support. It would appear the device is overloaded when streaming a video file, which is not normal. It’s possible they may recommend running a diagnostic test on the device.

Do a software recovery procedure as described in the manual.

where can I get this kind of software ?

WD will supply it to me to fix it?

I accidently see this on my Passport Wireless’s preview on Mac

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 6.43.08 AM.png

the drive alway keep the last modified 1 Jan 1980 12:00:00 AM event I formate or copy or make any change this date still like this.

m0ny_snap wrote:

where can I get this kind of software ?

Read chapter 11 in the manual.  You don’t need software to do a reset / recovery.

As mentioned by Tony, see the user manual, or see the instructions I posted for resetting/restoring to another person earlier today:

Afterward, install the latest firmware, even if it was on the MPW it could have been removed during the restore process.

to Tonyph12345

Yes, I read the chaper 11 how to reset drive and password

But I can’t do that both

1. I cannot access dashboard : because my Wifi is fail

2. I try to power ON and push both button POWER & WPS at the same time  : but It has no effect and few second after I release the pushing the RED LED go blinking again.

You don’t need any wifi to do reset.  You need to hold both buttons in at same time for 10 seconds or until it resets with white LED…