**bleep** SLOW WD TV Live Hub

I’ve just bought the WD TV Live Hub and was excited to play arround with it, but the thrill is getting a bit downscaled now.

THe Hub is simply just sooooooo **bleep** SLOW all the time.

I was also expecting more to be honest.  I was expecting something like the XBMC smooth interface.

I want to know if I should simply sell it again if I dont want lacking or if I want a smooth interface with flowing moviesheets?

Well, comparing XBMC, which runs on a PC to a Sigma or Realtek media player is like comparing a Ford Feista to a Ferrari.

XBMC has a PC and everthing that, that means supplying it’s speed.  A media player is not, nor is it meant to be a PC, what it is, is a simple device that allows you access and play you media.

If what you are looking for is something more XBMCish, then you are buying the wrong product and you should look more to something like an HTPC.  Extremer has one for somewhere around $700.00 last I looked.

It’s just hard to accept that it is THAT slow. I mean 1-1½ second lack betwen each pick. And when going through videos the bakcground picture **bleep**s up constantly and even takes 1-5 seconds to appear.    That is simply uacceptable.

Then take it back to the store.

It’s hard for me to accept that it takes almost a minute for my popcorn to pop in the microwave.:smileyvery-happy:

I only registered to add to this thread…

Gotta say that the general response to OP’s comment is a bit lack luster - I too find the WD frustrating at best. Hitting ‘back’ on a folder, or generally navigating your media shouldn’t have pauses of seconds  -it is below expectation. Now I live with mine as it serves it’s purposes - but surely all long time contributors’ must agree that the unit in general is frustrating SLOW, so slow in fact that I have often thought my hub has frozen only to find it tick over after another 10-20 seconds.

As for the take it back to the store? Not adding much to the OP here…

The popcorn analogy might be more congruent  if it was a WD microwave - it would pause and hand for a second or two after each button press - so by my reckoning your 1 minute popcorn would take more like a minute thirty.  Now that really would be harder to accept.

Btw not trolling - just find the general tone of these forums to be annoying enough to repsond.

If its taking that much to filp between files, just change the view and disable media library, afterwards browesing you files will be really fast.

Having the list view of your files is much faster compared to the other ones, and if you disable the media library it will be the only possible view option, I preffer to keep my media library on of course, but sometimes I disable it when I need to copy alot of files to my Hub because it keeps on updating the library after each newly copied file.


Well, if you are having a 10-20 sec slow down, then that is abnormal and can usually be solved by unplugging the power cord, then plugging it back in.  Or clearing the media library.

But the OP’s comment was to compare software that runs on a PC to a Sigma chip media player.  If you are expecting the same speed out of a (or any) media player that you get from a PC, then your expectations are too high.

Here’s a thought. the background images of the movie in gallery view are URLs to the actual images online.  i’m not sure if these images are cached or not but depending on your internet connection it would probably slow down the UI’s performance?  try the wdtvhubgen app by noslack to turn off the background images to see if that helps.  or simply go into the xml and remove them.