Blazing-fast performance

I wondering if anyone has witnessed blazing-fast performance with their WD My Cloud? I think I have made a huge mistake buying this My Cloud box. 8MBs is painfully slow. I should have got an ordinary external HDD. I am also having connection problems every time I switch on my laptop. I have to re-boot the My Cloud nearly every time to get it to connect. And of course access over the Internet is very hit and miss. As I write this I am unable to login to WD My Cloud. Very very dissapointed.

You’ve already posted another thread about this…

Not only is is extremely slow, but it fails to copy most pdf’s and any program files. In addition, if I email files to someone, they can’t access the files because the drive won’t open across the internet.  And did I mention it destroys the date stamp on every file, replacing it with todays date, making archiving joke. Also, if I upload files onto the Mycloud through their application, then the files cannot be read through the finder.

Any ideas how to fix this piece of expensive **bleep**.