Blanking out

I have a WD TV Live Hub which is roughly 3 weeks old.

It is connected to my Panasonic plasma via HDMI, and optical audio out to my audio preamp.

When I am streaming Netflix, Blockbuster, etc  or a stored video and pause, switch to another input on the TV and then go back to resume playing, the screen is blank and I cannot get the video back.

Playback will resume and I can hear the sound but the video will not return.

Has anyone expereienced this?

I have updated to the latest firmware to no avail.

I have swapped out HDMI cables and changed inputs on the TV.

I have to reboot the WD in order to get the picture back.

Any thoughts?


Sounds like a negotiation issue between the TV and the WDTV.  Have you tried just turning the TV off and back on?  I need to do that once in a while on my laptop with external monitor and multiple inputs (nothing to do with a WDTV)

I switch inputs on my Visio TV all the time, back and forth between the WDTV HDMI (with an amp in between) and other HDMI inputs, antenna, and component.  The WDTVsmp always syncs back up without an issue.

And BTW, this forum is for the WDTV Live Streaming device.  You should redirect your question to the WDTV Hub forum.