Blank page when sharing photos

hi all

When i share a photo, through the WD Cloud app, to the Facebook Messenger app, the link the reciever gets, just shows a blank page with a blue ribbon on top, with the cloud symbol and “My cloud” text

The link the reciever gets just says:
“Important: After you click Continue, one or more blank tabs might appear in your browser. Return to the original tab that displayed the”

It never says what to do, and im lost!

Take care

Have you checked to see if there is image extension limitation with the Facebook app? In other words, are you trying to send a .png image when the app may only accept .jpg images?

Thanks for your reply!

I found out that, i cant see the photo (.jpg), ive send, because the folder the photo is in, is not public/shared.
If i moved the photo to the “public” folder, it showed up just fine.

So it must be because of the folder “visibility” and not the file or app

Is the Facebook app part of the My Cloud group of 3rd part apps, or is it a separate app you’ve downloaded? Because, if the Facebook app doesn’t have the ability to pass the credentials for a private share, then you are stuck with only being able to see what’s in the public folders.