Blaming WD for "Your iCloud storage is almost full."

Dear Apple koolaid fan,

Your iCloud storage is almost full. You are currently using 4.5 GB of 5 GB total storage.

  1. Go to Settings and tap iCloud.
  2. Tap Storage.
  3. Tap Buy More Storage.

3.3GB from my iPhone and 1.2GB from my iPad Mini.

I’ve been getting these annoying emails from Apple for the last few days. Usually I have about a gig of cloud storage left since I am very meticulous on what I keep on my IOS devices but lately I bought an iPad Pro for testing as well as exchanging my iPhone 5 for a refurbished iPhone due to a bloated battery, so my iCloud has been well used for backup and restoring, however I did think that somehow Apple was just trying to trick me into upgrading my storage as I got an email daily for 3 days even though I cleared out my iPhone.

Now to be honest, I did record a full 4 minute video of my grandson, so it may be that video that is taking up all that room.

Which was why I booted up my “My Cloud” app and backed up my photos.

Checking in later, all my photos and movies of my grandson was all on the Test My Cloud drive. I then deleted the “My Cloud” connection, renamed the photo directory as well as moving the whole library over to another Cloud thus making sure this became my permanent copy. I’m not going to test whether deleting a photo on my iPhone will sync delete a photo on my backup :stuck_out_tongue:

I then proceeded to delete all my photos on my iPhone, except for 20 needed for contacts and my fading memories, I also deleted all my movies, panoramas and deleted a good half dozen Apps including TomTom that I no longer use since I now use Apple Maps and Google Maps. So my 64GB iPhone is now down to 8GB usage. This was yesterday.

This morning I got another email from Apple…

Your iCloud storage is almost full. You are currently using 4.7 GB of 5 GB total storage.

I was livid. Like how can I have increased my storage usage by .2GB without adding new apps or taking any photos or movies? Is Apple fooling me into buying more storage? or is this something more nefarious?

I even deleted the backup and did the full backup again being fairly sure that it wouldn’t take 3.5GB of storage…

but it did… and my iPhone was pretty much empty of everything…

Manage my iCloud storage showed NO APPS taking up any large amount of storage space.

If there was a lesson that I learned from using a WD My Cloud is that
"it is always their fault, even if it isn’t"

So I checked my “My Cloud” App and there it was, under settings… “Cache size” 5 GB.

Clicked on 1GB cache size and clicked on “clear cache”…

Now when I check on “Manage Storage”, “My Cloud” is showing up AFTER I change cache size". I could now indicate to backup to not backup “My Cloud” cache.

I am back to 4GB of total backup.

So lets be clear here. It is definitely a problem with the WD Cloud app as apparently “My Cloud” cache data does not show up under “Manage data” for some reason until you change the cache data setting on “My Cloud” or some other toggling. The ability to toggle on/off the backup of the cache data is no longer available for toggling so I have no idea what made it appear and what made it disappear.

It is a “My Cloud” app problem and yet like everything WD, it is their fault but yet not completely.

yup… go figure…


Thank you for taking the time to post this.